Squad vs Quayside Thistle

The Southside Derby takes place tomorrow with Tantallon travelling to Nethercraigs to face Quayside Thistle. Tantallon fought back from 2-0 down for a draw against Quayside  in the opening game of the season despite only having ten men. Quayside were 3-2 victors in the League Cup section match played last month.

Kick of it at 10am

Squad to face Quayside Thistle

Goalkeepers – Mo Morrison

Defenders - Roddy Bonaccorsi, Ross Kerr (c), Nico Leban, Jan Lewicki, Ross Lewicki, Chris Reilly

Midfielders - Davie Bonaccorsi, Jaison Chitimbe, Scott Keys, Andy McNab, Mark Thompson

Forwards - Gavin Devlin, Ryan McLean, Richie McQuade, John Thomson


Whitefield Rovers B 7 – Tantallon Victoria 5

Subs: C.Cheung (R.Lewicki)

Scorers: R.McQuade (4), J.Thomson

A game in which… after three failed attempts at playing the fixture this was never going to be a dull game. Sure enough both teams ended up providing a spectacle that makes any “Super Sunday” look like The Antiques Roadshow. McQuade’s four goal Man of the Match performance and Thomson’s exceptionally bravely taken goal – at the time to make the game four goals apiece – should be enough to win most games in our division. Whitefield kept edging ahead though and some serious work requires to be done on defending as a team before we come back in January.

Moment to savour… When we were on the front foot the team played some of the best football ever seen in our nearly four years as a club with McQuade, Chitimbe and McNab at times being unplayable.

Head in hands moment… moving swiftly along from that…

On the sidelines… There’s a lot of work already being done during the break to try and get us back on track. Everyone is going to have to work hard and concentrate our energy into reaching the potential that the group of players we currently have at the club has.

Windlaw 5 – Tantallon Victoria 2


Goals: Devlin (2)

Substitutes: McLean (D.Bonaccorsi)

A game in which… the final score didn’t tell the story of the match particularly well because for 60 minutes Tantallon competed with the home side. In the end though having lost our shape and with the home side having the advantage in numbers of fresh legs available it was Windlaw who took all three points in the League Cup section match. Tantallon had traveled to L’Stade de Barlia with a positive game plan fielding three forwards but it was a good ten minutes before things started to click. An exciting game opened up with the home side taking the lead late on in the first half. Tantallon started brightly second half and soon notched and equaliser through Devlin who had been denied by the keeper in the first half. Windlaw are a well drilled side though and took their chances when the were presented. The visitors were left chasing the game with Devlin scoring a second which may or may not have been offside. I, like an exceptionally poor man’s Arsene Wenger, did not see it. Ryan McLean was introduced during the second half and thought he had scored on his debut only to find it ruled out for a push. There were plenty of positives to take into upcoming games as though we couldn’t get the result we wanted every single player gave 100% for ninety minutes.

Moment to savour… it’s not a word of a lie to say that, at times, we played some of the best passing football we have all season. Gav’s goal celebrations are always worth the entry fee too.

Head in hands moment… It was a tough shift when Windlaw started making subs and we lost our shape. It wasn’t so much a 433, 442 or 451 – more a kind of freeform jazz football experiment at one point. Nice.

Huntly’s Hero’s… He’s got an “S” on his chest and he gets changed in a phonebox – Super Gav was the man. Plaudits for Jai for taking one for the team at fullback and for a great debut between the posts from Paul McNab.

On the sidelines… It looks like Stevie from Airdrie ladies has bought a season book and has started travelling home and away. He turned up on a bike. I am unaware if he’s been tested for banned substances.

Tantallon Victoria 1 – Clydesdale United 0

Scorer – Jaison Chitimbe

Subs – Thomson (McNab)

A game in which… Tanatallon booked a place in the third round of the West of Scotland Cup thanks to a goal from Jaison Chitimbe last weekend. The midfielder, who has settled in well following his move from southside rivals Quayside Thistle, headed home at the far post from a first half corner. Both Davie Bonaccorsi and Richie McQuade were both denied by the post in the second half while Clydesdale would have been ruing a number of squandered chances both first and second half. Manager Morrison though, playing in goal for the third time this season, could claim a second clean sheet and a third win with the gloves on.

Moment to savour… After a run of defeats the result at the final whistle gave the squad a boost.

Head in hands moment… Wee Roddy breaking the club record for being booked with the ref taking his name after less than three minutes. He was a very good boy for the rest of the game though! :)

Huntly’s Heros… Chitimbe’s goal was the difference in the end but Chris Reilly was a rock at the back for Tantallon and the best player on the park. Richie McQuade more than deserved a goal for his effort.

On the sidelines… A good wee crowd came down to watch the match and support the team. Thanks to all for braving the cold over at Greenfield.

Captain of our ship

Arriving around the time of the lowest point in the club’s history, defender Ross Kerr brought a positive can do attitude into the dressing room at a much needed time. An attacking full back with a killer delivery Rosco found himself appointed Captain for the 2012-2013 season. “Being given the Captaincy of the club was an honour I must admit I didn’t expect. I’m pleased the boss has trusted me and feels I can lead the team to a winning season.”

There’s been huge changes over the summer with virtually a whole new squad brought to the club and the differences to the end of last season couldn’t be more marked. “This year sees a totally new team coming together. Players with good talent and creative ideas. The new guys have settled in nicely. The boss is getting us to play football on the ground and making it a priority to enjoy ourselves in the process. I would say its fitting together well.”

Ross’s passion and desire to succeed with Tantallon is obvious on the field and he’s motivated by the fact that he missed so much football through his twenties. “Like a lot of 17 year old boys I gave up football due to work and then found myself working down south. I returned to Glasgow in my mid twenties and trained and played with a few clubs but nothing serious. I found myself always working until last year were I decided that this would be my last chance to play and leave a mark in amateur football.” Ross is the cousin of former player and founding member of the club Lee Cairney. Lee’s brother Marc has also had two spells at the club. “I joined Facebook in 2010 and struck up a friendship again with my cousins. They invited me to come and train with boys and the rest is history as they say.” His experiences of the amateur game so far have left a good impression on him. “The Amateur set up in Scotland has come along way in the last few years. The football parks have improved massively and this is helping teams play football on the floor bettering the overall standard of play.”

With most of his career at Tantallon in front of him Ross hasn’t a great number of memories with the team to draw on but his brightest moment so far says a lot about the changes that have taken place at the club over the closed season. “We played Whitefield Rovers B and played really well, I think we won 2-1 but I remember the training session on the Wednesday after the game. The boys were buzzing, the tempo of the training session was really high. I think that’s when we as a team knew we believed in one another and believed this can be our season. If we work hard.” The man the Chairman calls “Mr Positivity” definitely feels he’s picked the right club. “Tally Vics is a special club because at the end of the day, we are just 18 guys from Glasgow that play football in a park on a Saturday morning, but the support for the club on twitter is unreal. We have fans buying shirts from the club sponsor PSL Teamsports from all over the world and I would like to thank everyone who have kindly sponsored or donated money to the club.” The players know who out biggest supporters are and Ross mentions one in particular. “Davie Hughes, probably the biggest Tally Vics fan out there – all his kind support in match days is really appreciated.”

Like the rest of the squad Ross will be bursting a gut to pay back those who’ve helped support the club with some kind of success. “We are thankful for everything Davie does on the PR side and also the support of our sponsors. Its great that the players are matching those efforts in training and during the 90mins on a Saturday.”

You can follow Ross on Twitter – @RossCKerr

In Mo we trust…

There’s been massive changes at Tantallon Victoria this summer resulting in the club’s best ever start to the Strathclyde Saturday Morning League. The Tally Revolution has been overseen by manager Mo Morrison who took some time out to speak to us about the club, the players and his hopes for the future.

Mo holds the distinction of being the only player to have both played and scored for the club in all of it’s four seasons in the SSMAFL. Joining the club was the result of a chance meeting with Secretary and Chairman Davie Brown, then manager. “I can remember talking to Davie at a birthday party for a mutual friend about football in general and I could tell, even back then, that Davie had great enthusiasm for the game. As the conversation progressed onto grass roots football, as it normally does with Davie, we got talking about a Saturday morning team he had recently helped established.” Davie thought it was ridiculous that Mo didn’t have a club at the time and convinced Mo that his future lay with Tantallon. “Listening to Davie outline his plans for the club, his belief and desire that his club could go places was so strong it was a no brainer for me to accept Davie’s offer of joining the club.”

Looking back, his earliest days stand out as important in his development as a player and now a manager. “Some of my best memories are from playing for my 1st clubs Greenfield United and Celtic Youth Development. I learned a lot from the coaching staff and other players at the clubs and for that I will be eternally grateful.” When he talks about his time with Tantallon he talks with real affection. “This is a fantastic club to be part of whether you are an official, player or fan. Anyone who has been in or around the club would testify to that whole heartedly.” Even in looking to the past his ambition is clear. “I would love to have said that I had great memories of trophy wins with the club in my playing career but my most enjoyable memories have been playing alongside some of the players past and present. The James Kane Testimonial Game against St Anthony’s FC stands out in my mind as a game I’ll always remember and I’d like to thank our big brothers for giving us the opportunity to play at McKenna Park.” Our infamous trip to play Cambusbarron, where we lost out kitbag and home strip, is a favourite memory of all who were there not least of the boss which he described as, “a great experience playing against a well established amateur club”. Mo also pin-pointed this trip as a reason for the clubs early season success and noted, “a group of individuals left on the bus that day – a team came back.”

Mo rates the SSMAFL highly and the efforts of players from clubs everywhere. “The league has a number of quality teams that operate towards the top end of the amateur game. It’s enjoyable being part of the league set up. Since I have been involved in amateur football, I have always had a high regard for every player who enjoys playing the game regardless of their level of ability. Every player has something to offer a team and that may be a club that like to play for fun or a club that have aspirations of winning trophies every season.” Amateur football is going from strength to strength with more and more teams and players involved each season. In one of the most unhealthy regions of Europe Mo sees this as an opportunity. “Regardless of ability, each player plays the game for the love of the sport and I would urge anyone without a club to find a level that they are comfortable with and continue playing for as long as you can.”

So having come back to the club in November of 2011 within a few short months Mo found himself being offered a new position at the club to add to Striker, Midfielder or Central Defender. “Davie approached me about taking over the management of the club and knowing I could bring something to the team I agreed.” It wasn’t going to be easy. Mo and Davie battled from January to May just trying to keep the club alive. Respite was only to come with the arrival of no less than ten new players over the summer. “I can’t deny it was a difficult transition from player to managing the club in the early months, however, assembling a great group of players this season dedicated to their football, and the club, has been a major factor in a turnaround in fortunes this season. Although I’m trying not to play these days barring a crisis or being 2nd choice goalkeeper, you’ll find me patrolling the touchline kicking every ball with the team.”

Looking ahead the East End Bhoy is typically positive about the future of the club. “I am certainly looking forward to the future and the club is already in the process of organising a race night over the next few months and a trip down to the Midlands next summer to visit our friends at Castlecroft, to play them in a friendly match. Everyone at the club is looking forward to the trip and of course, the post match beverages.” Off the park the clubs attempts to embrace social media get the thumbs up from The Gaffer. “Over the past few years the stature of the club has continued to grow and Davie has put his heart and soul into making sure that everyone and anyone is aware of the club and what we are striving to achieve.” More than this, Mo recognises the support of people outside of the club as a factor in the clubs recent success and progress. “I would like to thank the fans and our friends and familys for their continued backing. Without your magnificent support all of this would not be possible.”

Whatever the future holds it’s clear that the right man has his hands on the tiller of the good ship Tantallon.

Tantallon Victoria 4 Northern Thistle 1

Goals: D.Bonaccorsi, Thomson, McNab (2)

A game in which… Tantallon maintained their focus to record a great victory against a hardworking Northern Thistle side in Division 2a. Tantallon could have been ahead in the opening minutes with Chris Reilly shooting narrowly over the bar and someone else who may or may have not been Davie Bonaccorsi coming close also. Regardless of this it was Bonaccorsi who opened the scoring finding his way in behind the opposition defense and showing composure to take a touch before burying the ball in the back of the Thistle net.  A long ball was the home sides undoing as two opposition players found their way through the Tally offside trap to take the ball past MacEachern and make it a goal apiece. Tantallon started the second half having gone up a couple of gears and got their reward with two similar goals. Both Thomson and then McNab won the ball from challenging the keeper before taking it round him to calmly slot between the posts. The pick of the goals was the last of the game. Having been under pressure from Thistle for a period of time who had chances from a number of set pieces a long ball forward was latched onto by Bonaccorsi. If we weren’t amazed enough by the fact that the forward PASSED THE BALL to McNab our left winger we were further stunned at the stunning drive – a carbon copy of his goal against Rutherglen Thistle in the cup – which ended up bulging the roof of the visitors net. Three very valuable points for Tantallon then against a well organised and passionate Thistle side.

Moment to savour… McNab’s goal. Just fantastic technique from wee #BravoTwoZero but a real team goal too.

Head in hands moment… Finding out that the showers weren’t working!

Huntly’s Heros…. A game where we had to dig in and battle away for 90 minutes. Tommy did well as a makeshift striker, Davie was outstanding again. Everyone played their part. Wee special mentions for Chris Reilly and Don Don who go quietly about their business every week – real team players who play where they are asked and give 100%.

On the sidelines… Stevie from Airdrie Ladies came down to watch the game today and it was a pleasure to see him. The Chairman showed his appalling manners by having to be prompted to give his bench coat to Roddy’s chilly lady friend. Big Jan seems to be the victim of all Davie Bon’s pranks these days…

South Lanarkshire Utd 4 Tantallon Victoria 6

Subs: Jamieson (J.Lewicki), R.Lewicki (Thomson)

Goals: Devlin, McQuade (2), McNab, Keys, O.G.

A game in which… Big Mo must have had the Tarot cards out or something last week because following our home win against Whitefield this is exactly the fixture he had predicted we would get. Away from home to South Lanarkshire was a tricky fixture given their good start to the season and we knew we would be in for a battle. The opening goal was lucky for Tantallon and unlucky for The Shire’s centre half whose attempt at a headed clearance from a Ross Kerr cross found its way into the back of his own net. There was an almost immediate reaction from the home side to level the game but Tantallon opened up a two goal lead soon after. Devlin struck first with a headed goal from a corner before McNab picked up the ball on the left in behind the Shire’s wingback and drove forward sweeping a fantastic ball into the edge of the 18 yard box. McQuade picked it up and drove for goal smashing the ball home into the bottom corner.

Slackness in defence from a throw saw South Lanarkshire pull a goal back before half time and the manager asked for the team to step up a gear in the second half. The message got through and from the off we looked sharp and put together some good moves despite the heavy pitch. Andy McNab restored our two goal advantage with a goal that was as much about workrate to get on the end of a ball as it was about composure to finish the chance. Within minutes Keys scored with an unstopable header from a Ross Kerr corner kick to make it 5-2 to Tantallon.

Shire we very far from done though and we lost our way for about ten minutes with the introduction of a couple of subs while our opponents had a few shots at goal some of which were just past the post. Eventually their determination saw them pull back a goal and an uneasy last ten minutes of the match began. McQuade was to settle the nerves though with the coolest of finishes to make it 6-3 to Tantallon and three wins on the bounce – something we’ve never done in our history.

Moment to savour… From the ball into the box to the devastating header at the end of it everyone was talking about Scott Keys goal after the game.

Head in hands moment… Ach…nothing. Great day.

Huntly’s Heros… Ross Kerr was on fire with his delivery, Scott Keys was a driving force throughout. Everyone worked exceptionally hard but special mention to JT in midfield who gave the rest of the front runners a platform to play from.

On the sidelines… Evan brought his own Canadian fan club with him and Jan’s mates Tony and Paul took in the game before the Scotland match. I don’t need to ask them which game they thought was better… Good luck to South Lanarkshire for the rest of the season.

Tantallon 2 Whitefield Rovers B 1

Subs: Thomson (McNab), R.Lewicki (McQuade)

Goals: Williams, McQuade

A game in which… Three points were absolutely essential and three points were exactly what we got. Manager Morrison again took one for the team by appearing between the sticks and Tantallon got off to a roaring start against what is a vastly improved Whitefield B team since the friendly of a few weeks ago. The home side took the lead with a well worked move that saw Captain Ross Kerr heading for the byeline to cross a nearpost ball to Williams who’s perfectly timed leap saw him guide a header into the top corner. Tantallon weren’t having it all their own way in the first half though and a misplaced header at the other end saw their forward through on goal to smash home the equaliser. Tantallon regrouped though and eventually got the winner when McQuade converted a penalty won by Davie Bonaccorsi in the second half.

Whitefield were not for giving up though and had spells in the second half where they lay siege to the Tally Vic goal – Morrison the stand in keeper having to make a fingertip save to deny a crossed ball from reaching an unmarked attacker. At full time though it was Tally Vics who had their first league win of the season.

Moment to savour... The opening goal was as good a move as ever has been seen from a Tally Vic side.

Head in hands moment… The ten minutes myself and my opposite number at Whitefield spent tearing our hair out before the kick off. Davie has more hair to spare than I do it has to be said…

Huntly’s Heros… A great team performance again from the boys – if I have to pick one person I’ll pick Big Mo who battled through the pain barrier to play a position he’s only ever played twice before and played it brilliantly.

On the sidelines… Really pleased to see Whitefields new team coming together. They are a great bunch of guys and we wish them all the best for the season – until the return match of course. ;)

Rutherglen Thistle 4 Tantallon Victoria 5

Subs: R.Lewicki (McNab)

Goals: McNab (2), Keys, Moses (P), D. Bonaccorsi

A game in which… Tantallon travelled to Peter Brownlee Park as serious underdogs but walked away with three valuable points in the League Cup Group 6. A fine double from McNab, the second of which was a masterclass in finishing plus a 40 odd yard rasper from Keys were highlights of an end to end game which despite the scoreline Tantallon dominated in terms of possession. In the last ten minutes the Tally were a goal down. Moses converted a penalty to make it 4-4 before man of the match Davie Bonaccorsi battled past two players to score a dramatic late winner.

Moment to savour… There’s nothing like a last minute winner to raise the spirits but Scott Keys first half goal was out the top drawer.

Head in hands moment… We lost a couple of very soft goals including one where we were waiting on a whistle when we should’ve been clearing our lines. We’ve learned from it though.

Huntly’s Heros… A great team performance with Keys, Moses, Williams and McNab all in form. Davie Bonaccorsi knew we were never beat though – take a bow son.

On the sidelines… It’s great that so many people are coming down to enjoy the games these days and we had Martin from the Ants and his brother in law as well as former player and brother of Andy, Paul McNab down watching. We always appreciate the support of those who come and watch us so a big thanks from all the guys!