Kelvinbridge 1 Tantallon 3

Starting 11 vs Kelvinbridge

Substitutions: Proctor (Wilson), John Neeson (Martin), Pvt. J. Thomson of the 325th Invermuckle and District Volunteer Rifles (McQuade).

Goals: Devlin (2), McQuade.

The club was handed a huge boost ahead of the game by managing to hold on to Quado during the January window. This was despite unrelenting rumours (which we were the source of tbf) ┬álinking him with a big money move to West Brom. Fortunately for us the “have to come to training” clause in the contract offered ensured he stayed with us here in the land of The Wild Haggis.

Joe Neeson was given a start in place of Ross Lewicki who has problems off the field at the moment and is embroiled in a court case in Poland with toilet roll manufacturer Kupka concerning breaches of his obligations under a sponsorship deal. Paul Munro made his competitive debut for the club at centre back and had turned up in a hoody he’d bought from the club shop after signing. Thought that was brilliant I did. He got a mug as well.

Aside from this it’s a settled side at the moment for The Tally with only injury, toothache and stag do’s upsetting team selection. Settled is not a word that could be used to describe the weather at Nethercraigs. By far the coldest day of the season so far with horizontal rain leading to everyone trying to hide behind Tank on the sidelines.

The game kicked off with The Tally playing some nice stuff despite the weather and we were camped in their half for much of the first ten minutes. The game evened out though and was pretty open and end to end at times. We had chances with McQuade putting one just past the post but the Kelvinbridge keeper was on good form and was well positioned to take the shots we did get in. The game was tied at 0-0 at half time and there really needs to be more tea on the sidelines cos I was baltic. I couldn’t even tweet with the rain on the screen. Hands were like blocks of ice. Slim took the nip with me cos I didn’t want a cup of the soup he’d brought. Probably should have had some.

Second half then and the feeling was a goal was coming. Gav had been putting in his usual all action performance battling away up front saying “I know mate” every time Richie moaned (hard work in itself) and he broke the deadlock by spinning a man and driving to the box – slamming the ball past the keeper at the near post. A second soon followed and West Brom would have been disappointed to see the truly world class standard of finishing that could have been theirs for only 50 cases of Tennents. Rounding the keeper with a defender in close attendance Quado hit an absolute trundler. Fortunately it was at least in the direction of the goal despite travelling at less that 1mph. A defender had raced back and jumped round onto the line looking absolutely certain to clear it when the ball hopped over his foot and the ball was in the net.

We need to talk about young Sam.

What’s the worst miss you’ve ever seen in your life? Over the bar from in the six yard box? Open goal and past the post?

Something like that?

How about…how about running into the box and Gav winning the ball off the keeper. It squirms loose. No one is near it and it’s right in your path. You’ll be first there. It’s an open goal. It’s fugging gaping it is. You cannot miss.

Unless you’re Sam. If you’re Sam you run up to the ball, miss it, and then fling yourself on the ground.

Afterwards he said he thought he’d scored and it was “a Klinsman”. I worry about that boy.

Gav made sure of the result with a second goal that Quado’s girlfriend didn’t believe he’d scored. The team report card was only smudged by conceding a goal with the final kick of the ball. Actually head of the ball.

The win sees Tally sitting at the top of the table with a game away from home against second place Westwood this coming Saturday. It’ll take a massive performance to keep our good run in the league going.

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