Westwood 0 – Tantallon Victoria 1

Starting 11 vs Westwood

Goals – McQuade

Subs – Ramsey-Lewis (Lewicki)

The Chairmon final gets his backside in gear, sits down, thinks about the game, fails to remember large parts of it, writes a match report that gets things wrong and inserts a lot of tired old jokes he’s already done to death a thousand times over.

The current Tantallon line up show’s an appalling lack of respect for tradition demonstrated by the fact they’ve kept clean sheets in both of the first two league games of the season.

This was a game which could have gone either way and it looked likely, the longer it went on, that a single goal would decide it. The Tally had to dig in not being able to get the passing going. In the first half we put ourselves under pressure giving the ball away cheaply with Westwood working hard to press the ball. It was a game of few chances with the opposition trying to break us down but not finding the final ball while we lacked creativity on the break.

The game was decided late on when a fantastic Johnny Williams cross was met by the head of McQuade who guided the ball into the bottom corner of the net. There had been chances prior firstly for McQuade who lifted the ball over the bar trying to chip the keeper while Devlin met a corner kick ten yards out but got under the ball and sent it over for a goal kick. Young Jordan Ramsey-Lewis made his dayboo and while he did not scower, he showed some good touches and lots of energy to get forward from fullback.

A good result against a very good Westwood side then and four points out of a possible six to start the season.

Moment to savour… The cross and the header for the goal was superb football. Early contender for goal of the season.

Head in hands moment… On the Friday – when the teamlines debacle started. #SackTheBoard

PSL Teamsports Heros…. Richie and Johnny for a wee bit of magic. Well done to John Neeson who had the bit between his teeth and did a lot of the dirty work in midfield with Wilson. Big Rio – magnificent.



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