Interview – Stephen Cunningham


Our new right back Stegsy signed for the club over the summer and has impressed in our pre-season games. A great defender he also offers a lot going forward and he’s settled into the club well.

Here Albion and Tally supporter Anil Shiyal speaks to our own “Laurie” about cricket, reasons to hate Aston Villa and cricket.


Anil: When I was a kid despite being an Albion fan I used to pretend to be John Robertson in the playground as he was fat, slow but brilliant. Like me. Who is your favourite Robertson?

Stegsy: Robertsons the Bakers – used to have a shop round the corner when I was a boy, cakes, cakes and more cakes (the beginning of my love handles). Probably why I didn’t make it pro……………Well that and a total lack of ability ;-(


Anil: Who did you pretend to be?

Stegsy: Probably shouldn’t admit his but Joe Miller who played with Celtic from about 1988 to 1992 I think. Aside from scoring a winners against Rangers in Scottish cup final in 89 he was awful but he was a winger and that’s we’re I played!!


Anil: As a fullback are you more a blingy Cole or a Physco Pearce type?

Stegsy: Probably more Gary Neville, not very skilful, but always turn up for training on time and kiss the managers arse at every opportunity;-) Thankfully I don’t look or sound like Ratboy although I like him on Sky sports to be fair!


Anil: Do you understand cricket?

Stegsy: Aye of course it’s just like rounders, yeah? I heard that said in front of an Australian I worked with and he went off on a rant at how it was nothing like ‘bloody rounders’.

Anil: Give me 3 reasons exactly why you hate Aston Villa? (Don’t say you don’t pal, answer properly)


Stegsy: 1)Alan Hutton (ex Rangers player, he is basically the pr*cks pr*ck). Sorry I have mentioned Rangers a couple of times you might not have heard of them they are a club that used to be Celtics rivals but they passed away last year;-)

2) Another one of these ‘massive clubs’ according to English media but they’re generally sh*t and don’t win anything!!

3) Prince William supports them, I’m not going to get started on Royalty, parasites!!


Anil: Quote a Smiths Lyric.

Stegsy: ‘Hang the DJ’


Anil: Do you fancy a ticket to the Albion this year?

Stegsy: Most definitely!


Anil: Is Strachan the answer? Should he ever be the question?

Stegsy: Think he was best pick available. When he was Celtic manager i didn’t particularly enjoy going to games due to our playing style but he won his fair share of trophies. Think he will do as well as can be expected with what he has available, so no world cups for another decade or 3!!!


Anil: What’s your favourite book, film and song?

Stegsy: Read one recently called ‘dead mans shoes’ by Peter James. Set at time of 9/11, basically guy whos business is ready to go bust is in NY at time of attacks. He dumps his wallet, phone etc at the site of one of the crashes and pretends he’s dead so Mrs can pick up insurance money and changes identity. Read Barca book by Graham Hunter as well, brilliant read!


Fav film is Pulp Fiction by a country mile!

‘Do I wanna know’ by Arctic Monkeys is my favourite song at the moment, going to see em live in Nov should be a good one!


Anil: What’s a Grorty Dick?

Stegsy: Is that what happens when you don’t strap it up before you slap it up?? Basically your d*ck ends up looking like Alan Hutton!


Anil: Do you think you’ll get many games this year? Should I invest in a Tally Vic Cunningham top?

Stegsy: Don’t know to be honest, just need to work hard in training every day to try and impress manager (or alternatively buy him a beer) footballs a squad game, competition for places is good, it’s a game of two halves, if the ball hits the net it’s a goal, sorry ran out of football cliches;-)

I would defo invest in a Tally vic top though looks identical to WBA, the Cunningham bit I would maybe give a miss, I feel bad enough disappointing my son when he watches me playing football, don’t want to add another name to that list! Hope some of this is what you were looking for, good luck to WBA for the forthcoming season!

You can follow Stegsy at @StephenC78 and Anil at @Bartlebee23

Cheers to Anil for a great bunch of questions! :)

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