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Thomas "The Tank" Jamieson


Our big central defender Thomas “The Tank” Jamieson is the sort of player who would be a cult hero if our fans were by the side of the park watching. He loves everything about the club and when he plays he wears his heart on his sleeve. An absolutely no nonsense defender who can play a bit as well, Tank is a huge personality in the dressing room and one of the most well liked boys at the team.

Here he talks to West Brom and Tantallon Fan Chris Cochrane about why he joined the club and his hopes for the future.

Chris: Owamya?

Tank: Alright ta, me mucker. :)

Chris: Suppose I better start with – so the Tally Vic, how did you come to join the club, and what about the name “Tank”?

Tank: It all started last summer, my wee boy was born in May and he was in and out if hospital for a few months. I decided at the time to stop smoking and had been flirting with the idea of playing again so thought fuggit. I found the team on Gumtree of all places and gave the number a text looking for some training.

I got named tank at my under 7s team, everyone called me “Thomas the Tank” and the manager shortened it to “Tank”. 19 years later…  Haha.

Chis: Out of all the reasons I thought you got the name Tank, that one never crossed my mind. So joining up with the Tally was a nice little distraction from your lads’ problems? Is he doing ok now?

Tank: Aye the wee man had 2 open heart ops and a couple of catheter procedures but thankfully all is good now. Joining the team helped me take my mind off it even for a couple of hours a week was a welcome distraction!  That and I got the opportunity to kick 7 shades of Glasgow out any willing participant ;-)

Chris: Good to hear your wee man is doing well now. On the note of kicking seven shades out of the opposition, a little bird told me you had a wee spell on the sidelines last season. How did that come about?

Tank: Knew that one was coming…… Haha I had just been through a tough few months and that was the end result. Shouldn’t have happened and won’t happen again or else Chairmon Davie has promised me he’ll lock me in a room n put on endless WBA highlights…

Chris: Surely the promise of a Brom DVD fest would spur you on to go round knacking everyone. What happened on the pitch then to lead to such a long ban? Don’t have to answer that one if you don’t want to…

Tank:  Haha it was a head butt to the guys belly after he near halved Moses in two. Wasn’t too serious but rules are rules.

Chris: Sounds like he had it coming then, but like you say rules are rules. So how is the pre season training going? They working you hard?

Tank: The pre season has been tough. I’ve got pain in parts of my body I never even knew existed. Haha Davie has promised he’s gonnae do a bit as well…

Chris:  He’ll be feigning injury that day, I bet.

Tank: I asked him on sat what happened to him joining in and his reply was “f*ck off”.

Chris: Do you enjoy the fitness work or dread it?

Tank: I dread the thought of it but when it’s done I’m glad I done it. As a certain Italian left back would say “it’s all money in the bank” and I am fugging skint! Haha!

Chris: Loffin! Seems like you have a good bunch there, great spirit. Tell us about some of your team mates, who’s the most skilful, who’s the joker…so on

Tank:  Aye we’ve got a big squad this year a few characters in there………

Most skilful is probably wee Ritchie.

Biggest joker is probably Davie Bonaccorsi (well at least he thinks he is) haha.

Best trainer, behind me of course – probably RoddyBonaccorsi.

Most likely to leave and sign for biggest rivals: Jai Chitimbe :-)

Jekyll and Hyde: Chris Reilly.

Worst dressed: apparently Italians have little or no style ;-)

Most likely to retire due to gout or hip failure: Jan Mourinho

Least partial to a tackle: put it this way he rode his last 50/50 all the way to the USA haha

Superstar: Dalseem aka Moses.

Chris: Hah that’s great stuff. Best trainer you are, eh? The Chairman did say you never missed a session. One or two of the lads might have the hump over that little lot :) Must be some top nights out then when you’re all out on the razzle, one or two star performers there. I did hear you were most likely to get naked at a night out…

Tank: We’ll see next June haha

Chris: Be good to see the Tally on tour. When I was first asked to do this, and was given a few tips it was mentioned to asked you about some of your own antics on the nights out. :) Any that you’d like to share?

Tank: I have no opinion on my night out antics, purely because I don’t ever remember a fugging thing haha.

Chris: What would you like to get out of the season? A good cup run or league run…or just to have a good time enjoying the games?

Tank: Personally this season I just want to get fit and get a good run in the team. I had a few howlers last year tryin’ to play through the pain barrier but I’m feeling 10 x better already this year. From a team point of view I hope we get past Barca en route to the champions league. Haha. Promotion is a must, anything else is a bonus.

Chris: Cheers for doing this Tank, hope it’s not been too boring for you…I had no clue how to do this really but you’ve been great with your answers. Tara a bit, pal.

Tank: Haha no sweat it’s a bit of fun. Catch ye.

Thanks to Chris and Tank for a brilliant wee interview. You can follow Tank (if you dare) at @Thomas_J67 and Chris at @PaoloWalnuts



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