Interview – Richie McQuade


As our record goalscorer and probably our best known player, doubtless one day there will be a statue erected at The PSL Teamsports Arena in honour of Richie McQuade. It’s highly likely however that it’ll be late arriving…

We got his mentor at MK Dynamo, Richie’s Sunday team – who put us onto him – Steff Murray, to  rip the pish interview our Magnificent Seven for the site.

Stef is a member of the famed “Ar Scored on My Dayboo For The Tally Club”. Richie isn’t.

You can see what’s coming, eh?

Name: Richie “Quado7″ McQuade

Position: Striker, goalscorer.

Stef : Now lets get to know the real Quado..what makes him tick….So Richard…you’ve scored a lot of goals for Tantallon…any stand out ?

Richie: Last minute overhead volley against Quayside from 25 yards to equalise.

Stef: What did you think that day on my daybooo i told you to bolt off a free kick and duly dispatched it into the corner ?

Richie: I thought who is this old codger trying to steal my thunder and where is his zimmer.

Stef: Enough about me…who is your favourite Tantallon player you have played with ?

Richie: A guy Stephen Murray think he only played 70 in one game set five up and scored a free kick on his dayboo. Different class…

Stef: On a personal note do you feel any anger or resentment that your wee brother Jordan is a better player than you ??


Stef: So your earliest Tantallon memory ? When did it all start for you ?

Richie: Against postal lost 5-2 – no dayboo goal for me.

Stef: Dont fret Richard, takes a special type to notch on his daybooo…

Do you have any pre-match rituals? Aside from avoiding putting the goals up and being late…

Richie: Those are my pre match rituals I do neither and I’m better staying in bed.

Stef: What do you want to be when you grow up ?

Richie: Just like you.

 Stef: So onto Mr Tally..The Chairmon Davie Brown…Genius or mentalist ?

Richie: Absolute mentalist!!!

Stef: …..hard to argue – Okay a few quickies now. 

Best trainer at Tant….oops sorry sack never go to training…

Richie: ……..

Stef: Nicest guy at Tally?

Richie: Probably Ross Lewicki.

Stef: Do you think you will ever hit another free kick that doesnt lead to an opposition throw in ?

Richie: You learned how to hit a free kick from me. Nakamuraesque

Stef:…boys delusional.

Stef: Most skilful player at the club…dont say you..this is a serious interview…

Richie: Oh its myself.

Stef: The Bonaccorsi award…who is the biggest maddie…Gav or Roddy ?

Richie: I don’t no Gav bonaccorsi. But Davie and Roddy Bonaccorsi are both nutters. Gav is mental enough to be a Bonaccorsi to though..

Stef: You off the pens ?

Richie: Silly question 1 miss out off 247 kinda speaks for itself

Stef: Pen or free kick ? Try to think back to scoring either.

Richie: Probably a pen though my free kicks are dynamite

Stef: If you had to drink with one Tally player who would it be ?

Richie: I don’t drink !!!!!

Stef: …..No Richard you just don’t buy anyone a drink..subtle difference.

Do you need help from me in ruling your house so u can make training more ?

Richie: My house is all mine

Stef: Has Fatherhood changed you ?

Richie: Of course  lol

Stef: driving improved at all ?

Richie: No comment ha

Stef: Hopes for the upcoming Tantallon season ?

Richie: Silverware nothing but winning this league is going to do !!!

Steff: Over or under on you getting ten goals this season ?

Richie: 30 odd willl do

Stef: Best moment in a Tantallon shirt.

Richie: 99th minute winner with a peach of a pen against Rossvale after being personally kick up and down the park for 98 mins.

Stef: Anyway thanks for the insight Quado Bo Andersen…you’re my boy,  Quado7     

Richie: You’re welcome Mr Murray.

Stef: So its clear Tantallon’s favourite number 7 has high hopes for the upcoming season, good to see Quado back from a nasty leg break and doing what he does best….avoiding putting up the goals,missing training and hitting free kicks for throw ins.

Thanks to Stef for doing such a brilliant interview and to Richie for being such a good sport answering his questions!

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