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I suppose it’s understandable that when people meet Tally manager Jan Lewicki they are surprised he doesn’t speak with a Polish accent. I mean Quado did dub him “The Polish Olivier Teliby” one time.

Jan is actually a very important person to the club as since he’s saved it from extinction for sure at least once. This season he and Marky Thomson have been tasked with taking the team forward and have got off to a good start with good training and lots of enthusiasm from the players for it. He’s got a great way with the guys and with Mark to support him the club looks like working towards being in good shape for the new campaign.

We got one of our oldest and most fanatical supporters – Jamie Bowen from Wales – to speak to the big man to get his thoughts – luckily on one of the few occasions he’s been sober since 1993. Jan I mean. Jamie is a responsible drinker.

What’s your first footballing memory?

Gordon Strachan’s goal against West Germany in the 1986 World Cup, I was only 8 but remember seeing it on T.V and his attempt at trying to jump the advertising board.

The Tally Vic plays on Saturday morning’s so what’s the nutrition advice? Nice big fry up or plenty of carbs?

2 fags and a large glass of red wine! Seriously scrambled eggs on toast and a banana – plenty of water. That’s been my staple for 58 years :-)

Who is your footballing hero? (Player and/or manager)

Kenny Dalgleish (player) – I went to a lot of Scotland games when I was younger and he was our stand out player. My first Scotland strip was Scotland’s Mexico 1986 World Cup with his name on the back, I wore it to bed the first night I got it and never wanted to take it off.

Which other Jan’s do you admire?

Jan Molby purely because I have never seen a more overweight player in my life and he was a good player to boot!

What’s your football philosophy? What football can we look forward to the Tally Vic playing?

Tight at the back, hard working midfield that works hard to regain possession and exploit the wings on attack.

Computer Games – Football Manager or FIFA?

Football Manager by a mile

So as a part-time fisherman what’s the best catch you’ve ever made?

I once caught a 6.2’’ Swedish blonde of the coast of Orkney, suffice to say I had to throw her back. I am also famous for catching large quantities of nothing mainly down to the fact I am always drunk at sea! In fact I seldom make it out of port.

If you could sign one player for the Tally Vic who would it be and why?

Billy the fish – we’ve had issues in the goalkeeping department last season so he’d make a big difference between the sticks!!

Have you ever had a Fergie Flying Tea Cups moment? If not have you ever been on the receiving end of one?

Not had one yet but I’m sure there will be many over the coming season – kamikaze defending! I was on the receiving end of one when I played at under 16 level, I put a banana (a week previously) into our star players boots for a joke and the manager nearly killed me! Chased me out the changing room and I was subsequently dropped for the next game.

The Tally Vic have support from all over the world, what does it feel like to be part of this football and social media phenomenon?

At first I couldn’t really get my head around it and found the whole thing very strange, but once you get all the tweets of support on a Saturday, discussions after the game it is superb. It’s strange even saying this, but our fans have not only supported us in this way but also financially – this is very much appreciated by all involved with the ‘Tally Vics’.

When they eventually make the Tally Vic film, a much better version of Escape to Victory, which actor will play you?

I don’t think there are any actors that are a handsome as me so I’d probably have to take acting classes and play myself. (#FFS #SAKE)

And finally Jan what’s your prediction for the Tally Vic this season?

I honestly believe we can gain promotion; we have kept our squad together from last season and added 3 or 4 who will make a difference. If we play as a team like we did towards last season we have a good chance of doing well.

The goal line scramble:

Pele or Maradona? – Maradona

Tits or arse? – Tits

Booze or fags? – Aaaahhh booze

Rolling Stones or Beatles? – Bee Gees

Indoor or outdoor? - Outdoor

Robert the Bruce or William Wallace? – William Wallace

Will.i.am or Tom Jones? – Tom Jones

Streaker or Flasher? – Streaker

Toe poke or sidefoot? – Toe Poke

Mark Lawrenson or Adrian Chiles? – I detest both but Chiles shades it as I wouldn’t tire from punching Mark Lawrenson’s annoyed face.

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