Interview – Vice Captain Roddy Bonaccorsi

Roddy Raffaelo Pietro Bonaccorsi

Gurdo loves Um Bongo



When he is not reaching into his seeping sack of songs for the Steve Zacharanda Radio Show or perving over Bus Babe or wondering if Maria Sharapova is as loud in bed as she is on court, Gurdip Thandi (@Gurdo on Twitter, fact fans) is a huge Tantallon Victoria supporter and proud sponsor.


In particular, he has a long distance relationship with Tally Vic’s legendary left back Raffaelo Bonaccorsi. Here, the proud sponsor grills the classy player and gets answers to the questions that no-one has probably ever wanted to ask:


1. Serious one to start with, how are things looking for Tally Vic next season?

I’m really positive about the coming season after the way we finished last season. If we can retain the core players who are committed and augment the squad with some good additions then I’m really optimistic. It’s all about attitude and recognising the importance of the collective at this level.


2. When did you join Tally Vic and how did you get into it?

I played a 45 minute trial for Tally Vics in 2009 and Davie Brown, then manager, signed me on the spot. After an inauspicious start to the season and a difference of opinion with the co-manager John “idiot baws” Kelsey he inexplicably released me! The worst managerial decision since Dick Advocaat passed on John Hartson. (Should point out it was that Kelsey biff to blame! – Ed.) Anyways after chucking it for a while Davie was tweeting about being short of players. I knew Kelsey was no longer part of things so I went along and dragged my madcap bro with me. The rest is history!


3. You’re a left back. As was Paolo Maldini. You are therefore the new Paolo Maldini. Discuss.

I’d distance myself from that. Every time a good left back emerges you get the Maldini Comparisons. I don’t think it’s fair to heap such pressure on a young 33 year old prospect such as myself!!


4. Is The Chairman Davie Brown an evil dictator like his doppleganger General Zod?

HA! Davie is the opposite of a dictator but he can fair blow his top on occasion! Just ask Ross Kerr! No-one’s seen him since in Davie’s words he “went away”. Personally I think Davie looks more like Will Self than Zod though!


5. Having spent many a dressing room with your team mates, which of them has the smelliest farts and worst BO?

The BO and flatulence tends to blend into a rich mutant funk to be honest. Eye watering! Well you did ask.


6. You rock the beard look, a la Andrea Pirlo. But are there any beards out there that make you green with envy?

As a self confessed pogonophile, I admire many a beard. The aforementioned Pirlo, Gorgeous Giorgios Samaras and of course David Bellamy. The ultimate beard however has to be Danny McGrain. Exquisite man badge!


7.If your bairn grew up to be a Rangers fan, would you disown him?

Let’s face it that’s not going to happen unless he’s more of a football historian than a fan ;) however if that’s his choice then so be it. I would never disown my own child unless he became a Tory!


8. If your bairn grew up to be an England fan, would you disown him?

This one is far more likely given that his mother hails from Yorkshire! He may even like cricket, pickled eggs and pale ale!


9. You missed a great chunk of last season through injury so will have spent a lot of time in the treatment room. Did you pick up any useful medical tips because I’ve got an unsightly scab on my foot as a result of a mosquito bite that I could do with getting rid of?

Ha! I became a gym addict when I was injured. So bloody frustrating I could do everything except kick a ball.


10. Scotland is famous for being cold. Do you not get up on a freezing weekend matchday morning and think, “Why the hell am I doing this when I could stay in my warm bed instead?”

I get scunnered with the weather here, I mean come on! Horizontal hail stones! But I never feel like that on a Saturday.


11. If you weren’t a famous, talented footballer, what would you be doing with your weekends instead?

Probably trying to put an 80′s thrash metal ensemble together or being a beard model!


12. As a fine and prolific tweeter, are there any tweeters who write such utter crap it makes you want to find them and slit their throats? Feel free to name and shame…

I’ve blocked most of them but when folk tweet about praying for folk, I want to throw things. That and grief tourists. Also pro-footballers tweeting about bland, generic Portuguese chicken outlets and their abysmal taste in music drives me tonto!


13. Rachel Riley or Carol Vorderman? Please give reasons for your answer!

Who’s Rachel Riley? (Gurdo’s seethe levels reach an all time high!) I had a bizarre inexplicable attraction for Vorderman when she was ugly. Think it was her logarithms I was attracted to!

(Surprised Gurdo hasn’t shut the club down for Rod not knowing who Rachel Riley is… Ed.)


14. What do you think about when you are spending quality time on the toilet?

I’m usually on twitter! I sometimes think about dying my beard.


15. If you had control of the dressing room boom box, what sounds would come from the Tally Vic dressing room?

I’d play some fist-pumping 80s rock and something ridiculously heavy like Strapping Young Lad or Ministry. Just to se the look on Tank’s face!


16. I know all the lyrics to the Um Bongo ad jingle without looking them up. Do you think this is strange?

I thought there only was one lyric to that? They drink it in the Congo, ay it?


17. You’re a fine looking lad and you will have read my tweets about Bus Babe. What tips can a lady magnet like you give me to overcome my shyness and try to talk to her?

High praise indeed coming from yourself! Frankly if this bus babe whoever she is doesn’t know what she’s missing then it’s her loss mate. Plenty fish in the sea!


18. Ok, Tally Vics are in the Champions League final. It’s 0-0 after extra time and goes to pens. The gaffer asks if you would be willing to take one. What’s your answer?

I’m definitely taking one! Especially after I let the ‘forward players’ dominate the last shoot out and 2 strikers passed the ball back to the keeper. I also have balls of steel and a 100% penalty kick conversion rate (took one scored one) lol


19. Which Roddy is better? Roddy Frame or Rowdy Roddy Piper?

Haha would need to be the piper! That other guy was a one hit wonder. I had to Google him!


20. Tally Vic players have individual sponsors each season. How do you get on with yours and what do you think of him?!

Good question. He hails from Walsall I believe, a bit whacky but clearly knows a player when he sees one. He has a Tally Vic shirt with Bonaccorsi 3 emblazoned on the back. Little does he know he’ll be accosted one day by a 60 odd year old vagrant who remembers my old man from a hippy dos house in Clapham in the 70s because of it!


Thanks to Gurdo for taking the time to interview Rod!

You can hear him on The Steve Zacharanda Radio Show every Thursday night from 8-10 online at


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