Interview – Club Captain Gavin Devlin

Big Gav

    Adam "Steve Zacharanda" Smith

Z-LIST celebrity Tally Vic supporter and “Obama and Me” author Steve Zacharanda has put his interviewing boots on and picked the brains of club captain Gavin Devlin for the website.

Teasing nuggets of long lost trivia and information from “Captain Marvel” the interview reveals a man who bleeds Tally Vic and would happily spend a spell in the clink for his beloved club mates.

Name: Gavin Devlin

Age: 30

Position at the club: Captain

Position on the field: Utility man (Mostly a striker but can play on the wing or in midfield. – Ed.)

Tenure at the Tally Vic:  3 years


Describe the kind of player you are in one sentence?  - ”Always give 100% and moan about everything.”

Best moment in a Tally Vic shirt?  - “Scoring from 25 yards at Barlia.”

Worst moment in a Tally Vic shirt?  - “Missing penalty against Wishaw in shoot out that put us out.”


Favourite away ground to play at?  - “Neithercraigs.”

Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions? – “Roll n sausage and cup of tea.”

What music would you or do you blast out before a game?  - “Whatever is on the radio.”


Player you’d most like to be like? - “Messi but am more like Iain Dowie.”

How many yellow or red cards have you taken for the team? – “Not that many, mostly for moaning at the referee.”

Have you ever broken anyone’s leg? - “No but some dick broke mine.”


Worst brawl you’ve seen on a football pitch? - “We played Bridge few months back and the game on opposite pitch had 22 man barney,  just wish the ref stopped the game so we could watch!”


If you saw the weakest Tally Vic player laid out by  two opposition players and you knew the ref was not looking would you resort to:

A: A ruddy good tongue lashing.



D: Affray

E: Wounding with intent

Gav – “That would be E.”


If you won £10,000 to spend on the club what would you buy? - “The Chelsea physio to work on my groin.”

How many goals do you think you will be involved in this season? - “Hopefully most of them.”

What will be a good season for the Tally Vic? - “League and a cup, need to push on from last season.”


The Goaline Scramble:

Pele or Maradona? - “Maradona.”

Tits or arse? - “Both.”

Booze or fags? -  ”Booze.”

Rolling Stones or Beatles? - “Pass.”

Indoor or outdoor? - “Is that sex or football?”

Robert the Bruce or William Wallace: - “William Wallace.” or Tom Jones? - “Neither.”

Streaker or Flasher? - “Flasher.”

Toe poke or sidefoot? - “Sidefoot.”


Steve Zacharanda is the pen name of Birmingham based journalist Adam Smith. A local hard news journalist and travel writer he is best known for his infamous YouTube video during the 2008 US Presidential Election in which he drunkenly talked himself out of a job.

You can view it here:-

Adam has written a book about his experiences volunteering for The Obama Campaign “Obama and Me” and has been the subject of a documentary “Obama and Me – The Steve Zacharanda Story. He’s also the star of his own radio show every Thursday night on Scratch FM with is long suffering sidekick Gurdip Thandi.

You can visit Adam’s site to find out more about the book which The Tally highly recommend!

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