Coatbridge Colts 1 – Tantallon 2

Starting 11 vs Coatbridge Colts

Goals – Moses, Jan Lewicki

Subs: Ryan McLean (Mark Thompson), Jan Lewicki (Jai Chitimbe), Thomas Jamieson (Scott Keys) John Neeson (Andy McNab)

A game in which… Tantallon were back in Lanarkshire on Wednesday night playing in yet another Spring Cup (boing) match this time against a Colts side who we had already beaten at home in the competition. Reilly returned to the side with Neeson moving into midfield to partner Moses while injuries to Loughran and Davie Bonaccorsi saw Paul McNab move back between the posts and Ross Lewicki push into wide right. Apparently it’s about 500ft up at Airdrie Academy and the wind was a factor as well as the very big but dry and bobbly pitch. Despite a load of space in the middle of the park it proved impossible to get a passing game going for any length of time with the ball either bouncing off in random directions or blowing away. Both teams suffered through this however The Tally did manage to get the ball into good areas particularly down the left to Andy McNab who did well to find himself in space time and again. There were chances for the red and blacks but we couldn’t find the finishing touch to our moves. Colts remained a threat at times but despite two changes from the weekend’s match the defence continued to work as a unit. Even early on Neeson was revelling in his central midfield role reading the game well and working hard to win the ball back before moving it simply on to team mates.

It was Colts who took the lead though scoring when the Tally felt that there had been high feet in the build up, Leban bravely putting a head into a challenge. Tantallon got back on even terms when Moses, possibly bored with players waiting to get in the box to shoot had a speculative effort from outside the box which flew over the keeper and into the back of the net.

The second half saw a number of changes of position and personnel as we tried to find a winner. McLean came on early and caused problems for the opposition with his pace before a CON TRO VER SHAL sub in the form of Jan Lewicki who went up top. Keys lasted only a couple of minutes with the embarrassment at this frankly insane move before having to be subbed off suffering from a brass neck.

Thomas “The Tank” Jamieson came on.

Thomas “The Tank” Jamieson received a yellow card.

Roddy Bonaccorsi looked gutted at this point having just lost his record for “fasted booked player in Tantallon history”.

Tank was to play a vital cameo though as it turned out – winning the ball at the back he drove forward and possibly even beat a man (not actually beat it should be added) before playing the ball into the feet of Jan. Jan and his brother linked up and put together one of our best moves of the game which resulted in Jan scoring the winner. He looked more amazed than any of us were (except possibly his brother) then as realisation hit him he ran off celebrating.

It was Tank though who still had a part to play in earning us three points as he headed a goal bound chance off the line at a corner.

A good result then after a game played in good spirits.

Moment to savour… The sound of Jan’s plastic hip grinding as he ran off to celebrate the winner was a joy to hear.

Head in hands moment… Realising that iPhone satnav is GARBAGE.

PSL Teamsports Heros… In all seriousness Jan’s winner was fantastic but Joe Neeson was different class in the middle of the park and a well earned MOTM award went to our Guiseppe.

On the sidelines… Great to see the Whinhall United boys at the game last night and Martin from The Ants as well who got the train and walked up a really big hill to be there. #Legends

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