ICC 0 – Tantallon Victoria 0 – ICC win on pens

Starting 11 vs ICC

Subs: McLean, M.Thomson (A.McNab), Keys (D.Bonaccorsi), Jamieson, P.McNab (Devlin)

A game in which… Hands up if you like midweek games? *scans the room* Anyone? In the history of the club, midweek games have long been the ones that resulted in the most horrible defeats. So a Tommy Marshall Quarter Final against Premier League side ICC on a Wednesday night was a tough, tough fixture. A place in the semis the weekend at The Stade de Chateauxlait Barlia was up for grabs. A good win at the weekend had set The Tally up as well as possible but the Glasgow road network snarled up badly on the way to the game with some players being stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. Kick off was kindly put back by our hosts and Chris Reilly, after trying to park his car next to the pitch was the last player out ready to kick off with only seconds of a warm up.

Tantallon lined up 451 for the start of the match looking to keep it tight for the first fifteen minutes and ease our way into the game. ICC looked to go direct favouring a ball inside the right channel looking to use the pace of their wideman. It was a physical battle from the off and the players competed for every ball trying to break when we could. ICC had chances first half but were unable to take them. A key moment came at a corner kick where Roddy Bonaccorsi, guarding the left hand post, cleared a ball off the line that looked a certain goal. ICC had a better chance when they chipped Loughran at the edge of the box, but Reilly, who was superb from first whistle to last, burst a gut to get back and head the ball away from the gaping net.

The Tally had chances on the break and Andy McNab had a strike on goal that was taken by the keeper. We tried to work the ball wide but the home side were strong in their own box. Chances for both sides were few and far between as both sides defences showed real grit and determination not to conceed.

The second half was a battle in the same way as the first. The best chance for Tantallon fell to Paul McNab, who came on for the excellent Devlin. A ball over the back four saw Paul run in behind and drive towards the box with it. The keeper came out and The Tally striker tried to take the chance early forcing a vital save from the keeper. The Tally enjoyed long spells of pressure during the second half with ICC still proving a threat when they got the ball forward quickly. Moses in the centre of the park was the driving force behind attack after attack while also winning the ball back time and time again. Keys came on for Davie Bonaccorsi and proved a thorn in the side of the opposition as well as getting stuck into the physical side of the game. Marky Thomson was brought on for Andy McNab to freshen up the legs in midfield and he came on showing typical composure to help us keep the ball at a vital time.

In the dying minutes a fabulous challenge from Chitimbe in his own box stopped a likely goal and he along with his three defensive partners deserve credit for taking the game to penalties.

So it was that the game was to be decided from the penalty spot. ICC ran out 4-3 winners Big Paddy having done well to save one for us as he had done when we beat DTI. The players who stepped up to take the pens showed incredible courage to do so. We gave 100%. We gave it our best shot. All of the players deserve enormous credit.

Moment to Savour… Hearing the final whistle when you’d kept a clean sheet against Premier League opposition. Thinking a bit more luck might have won it for you.

Head in hands moment… Realising I hadn’t brought a pen at all to fill out the team sheets.

PSL Teamsports Heros… Every single player was absolutely magnificent tonight and deserve every bit of credit anyone wants to give them. Moses and Chris Reilly were immense. The whole back four was a rock and midfield and up front we battled for everything.

On the sidelines… Was great to see a few friends of the team come over to watch the game. As well as that the support through Twitter was absolutely fantastic tonight. I know the boys look at our mentions on Twitter and they see all the messages from people all over the UK and beyond. ICC were a good bunch of lads and very sporting at the end of that match. Good luck to Davie and the guys in the semi – go on and win the cup now.

We tried our best – for ourselves and for you who support us.

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