End of Season Celebration Game


As the season rolls to a close plans are afoot for a special celebration match to finish 2012-2013.

We’re inviting our friends from other #grassroots teams to turn out just one time in the famous black and red stripes of The Tally as we put together a Guest XI to play our regular team. Afterwards we will naturally enjoy a few beers together. It is after all a Tally day out.

So far the following players have expressed an interest in playing for our guest team.

  • Johnny Walker – Victoria Park
  • Graeme Murphy – Whitefield Rovers
  • Daniel Bryant – EK Thistle
  • Chris Dunnett – Postal United
  • Steff Murray – MK Dynamo
  • Chris Ward – Ralston AFC
  • Andrew Smith – Cresswell Lane
  • Garry Kyle – Cresswell Lane
  • Simon McQueer – Whinhall United
  • Chris Mcginty – Whinhall United
  • Martin Love – Whitefield Rovers B
  • Scott McGrory – Whitefield Rovers B
  • Andy Cameron – Blochairn Star
  • Gary Craig – Vale of Clyde U21

We still have space for about four subs to play for this team so if you play amateur and are a #ClosetTallyVicFan here’s your chance to add a game for The Tally to your fitbaw CV.


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