Captain of our ship

Arriving around the time of the lowest point in the club’s history, defender Ross Kerr brought a positive can do attitude into the dressing room at a much needed time. An attacking full back with a killer delivery Rosco found himself appointed Captain for the 2012-2013 season. “Being given the Captaincy of the club was an honour I must admit I didn’t expect. I’m pleased the boss has trusted me and feels I can lead the team to a winning season.”

There’s been huge changes over the summer with virtually a whole new squad brought to the club and the differences to the end of last season couldn’t be more marked. “This year sees a totally new team coming together. Players with good talent and creative ideas. The new guys have settled in nicely. The boss is getting us to play football on the ground and making it a priority to enjoy ourselves in the process. I would say its fitting together well.”

Ross’s passion and desire to succeed with Tantallon is obvious on the field and he’s motivated by the fact that he missed so much football through his twenties. “Like a lot of 17 year old boys I gave up football due to work and then found myself working down south. I returned to Glasgow in my mid twenties and trained and played with a few clubs but nothing serious. I found myself always working until last year were I decided that this would be my last chance to play and leave a mark in amateur football.” Ross is the cousin of former player and founding member of the club Lee Cairney. Lee’s brother Marc has also had two spells at the club. “I joined Facebook in 2010 and struck up a friendship again with my cousins. They invited me to come and train with boys and the rest is history as they say.” His experiences of the amateur game so far have left a good impression on him. “The Amateur set up in Scotland has come along way in the last few years. The football parks have improved massively and this is helping teams play football on the floor bettering the overall standard of play.”

With most of his career at Tantallon in front of him Ross hasn’t a great number of memories with the team to draw on but his brightest moment so far says a lot about the changes that have taken place at the club over the closed season. “We played Whitefield Rovers B and played really well, I think we won 2-1 but I remember the training session on the Wednesday after the game. The boys were buzzing, the tempo of the training session was really high. I think that’s when we as a team knew we believed in one another and believed this can be our season. If we work hard.” The man the Chairman calls “Mr Positivity” definitely feels he’s picked the right club. “Tally Vics is a special club because at the end of the day, we are just 18 guys from Glasgow that play football in a park on a Saturday morning, but the support for the club on twitter is unreal. We have fans buying shirts from the club sponsor PSL Teamsports from all over the world and I would like to thank everyone who have kindly sponsored or donated money to the club.” The players know who out biggest supporters are and Ross mentions one in particular. “Davie Hughes, probably the biggest Tally Vics fan out there – all his kind support in match days is really appreciated.”

Like the rest of the squad Ross will be bursting a gut to pay back those who’ve helped support the club with some kind of success. “We are thankful for everything Davie does on the PR side and also the support of our sponsors. Its great that the players are matching those efforts in training and during the 90mins on a Saturday.”

You can follow Ross on Twitter – @RossCKerr

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