Mat Danks Cricket Without Borders Trip

Like all Scottish people we’re huge fans of cricket at Huntly Park (cough), so we are delighted to be supporting friend of the club Mat Danks who is heading off to Uganda to take part in a charity mission with Cricket Without Boundaries.

CWB exist to promote the game of cricket by introducing the game to youngsters while teaching adults to coach the sport. This brings together local communities and empowers them through their joint enjoyment of the game. The coaching sessions organised by CWB carry a message of HIV/AIDS awareness with discussion on prevention and treatment of those affected by the disease. Discussing the need for parity of treatment within the community between those affected and those not is also key to the sessions. In the last six years CWB has delivered 26 projects in six countries involving around 30,000 youngsters and training 2,000 coaches.

Mat has paid for the trip out of his own pocket but has decided to have a day to raise awareness and to raise money to help support the work of CWB. This will take place next Friday on the 24th of August when he’ll take donations in return for doing anything at all you ask that isn’t professionally (or presumably physically) damaging. We’ve donated £20 in return for an hourly professing of love for Tantallon Victoria in a different and fanatical way for ten hours. West Brom fan Mat will presumably also be wearing Wulfs Ay We tops and singing Vee-la songs through the day.

He’s set a target of £766 – which was Alistair Cook’s stat for the 2010-11 Ashes League. That’s a lot of goals and we’ve asked for this lads number. While we wait on Mat getting back to us please help support this great charity which is doing great work in Africa with a donation however small. Join in the fun on the day which we’ll cover on our Twitter feed. Mat’s a game guy and any dares for donations will be great value for money in the laughs stakes. Every penny goes to helping communities to strengthen through involvement in sport while getting a vital message on AIDS prevention and treatment to people who need to hear it most.

If you’d like to learn more about Cricket Without Boundaries please go here.

If you would like to make a donation on Mat’s Just Giving page go here -

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