Cambusbarron Rovers Trip

A lost kitbag, several lost players including one who phoned the manager to tell him he was in Edinburgh (he wasn’t) and 16 crushing hangovers. It’s safe to say that the club’s first away day was a huge success. Tantallon boarded their pink tour bus at The City Chambers at twelve yesterday to travel to Wallace country and face Cambusbarron Rovers. Eight hours later we traveled back to a soundtrack of rousing song having been defeated on the park but having won a crushing victory in the battle to build team spirit for the coming season.

After some pies, soup and pints in Cambusbarron’s Social Club we invaded Forresters pub with Richie McQuade taking great delight in telling the locals we had won the mornings match 13-2. At £37 a round for sixteen guys it was a happy bunch who boarded the bus with carryouts that would’ve lasted a three hour journey and ended up being decimated in fifty minutes. The city centre was then full of players trying to find each other while some of the arguably more sensible ones headed for home.

We’d like to thank both the Rovers and the town of Cambusbarron for an absolutely fantastic day out. We’d also like to thank Gary and Stevie  Grahamslaw for the kind gifts myself and Big Mo received. We shall return for a party in the future!

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